John Deere Disc Seeder Onsite Maintenance

Our specialty trained technicians travel NSW, Victoria and SA (group bookings) performing all variety of maintenance, from disc changes to complete rebuilds all year round.

We can overhaul your machine on your property within a matter of days, using custom made tools, extensive knowledge and experience.

Our field service vehicle is fully equipped with spare parts and accessories to assist in all manner of requirements. With the addition of our new tailored lifting system, we can now service your machine even more time effectual.

We strongly encourage you to book well in advance so we can coordinate an onsite scenario that’s cost effective for you.

Photos of us onsite and two videos showcasing how quickly we can remove and replace your pivot bushes.

JD Seeder maintenance 2

JD Seeder maintenance 3

JD Seeder maintenance 1

"We only service and produce goods for John Deere Disc Seeders"