non-greasing-axleAricks Australia have been at it again, developing and improving JD disc seeder components. The most recent addition to their product line up is a new state of the art Patented non greasing gauge wheel axle.

The gauge wheel depth adjustment, via the axle rotation, is a common point for seizing on the JD 90 and pro series openers which are found on the JD 1590, 1890 and 1895. Director and chief designer, Colin Wemyss, says “the dusty conditions in Australia are instrumental in this axle seizing. Coupled with grease the combination sets rock hard and inhibits movement/rotation of the axle, rendering the depth adjusting arm useless.”

Farmers face enormous difficulties trying the unseize their axles in order to adjust seed placement depth. Most resorting to removing the entire disc opener from the machine and placing it in a hydraulic press to force out the seized axles. 
The new product has passed extensive on farm research and testing during its development over the last 6 years. Colin says, “we’ve thrown everything we can at it to ensure it is really up to the job” The resultant product, sold as a kit, now replaces several components and even allows for the reuse of worn depth adjustment arms (pictured in the drawing below). “We have included a number of components in the kit that would normally be sold separately from the OEM, this makes it simple to replace all the components at once giving you the best possible performance from this area of your machine”


worn depth arm cutout 1

Colin has incorporated high quality bushing material into the axle spindle and an extremely effective and durable seal to keep the axle shaft dust free and running smoothly for many acres to come. The solid axle shaft attachment point has been beefed up to make greater surface contact and allow for reuse of worn depth adjustment arms"






hm depth adj armWith genuine depth adjustment/axle components being quite expensive to replace, we made sure to use materials that were superior in composition, durability and operation to ensure longevity. Our new gauge wheel depth adjusment axles will replace the following OEM parts - A, B, D, J & T (drawing below). Normally part N is also replaced at the same time due to wear. Using our new system this part can be reused saving you from further expense. 





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