fine cover plateAfter conversations with many farmers about their cover plates and T handles in recent years it was clear that the original components could be improved upon.

To combat some of the current issues it seemed a more robust version of both these components was needed so we designed new robust component to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

Along with our new depth adjustment arm system and our new non-greasing gauge wheel axles, we now have our very own heavy-duty cover plates and T handles.

Unlike the original system we steered away from the traditional diagonal slotting and manufactured a simpler heavier system that will withstand the rough conditions better than the OEM. With a solid straight tab, rather than pins, our T handles fit snugly with our straight slotted heavy duty cover plates.

The below photos of Coverplates and ‘T’ Handles are all from the same machine and have done the same amount of work.

Notice the visible differences in the wear on the OEM versions compared to the Aricks heavy duty version;


Aricks v OEM 03

Aricks v OEM 01

Aricks v OEM 04

Aricks v OEM 02

Aricks v OEM 05

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