Are your smooth faced closing wheels struggling to close seed slots?

Toothed closing wheels have been around for a while, and with good reason. The increased soil disturbance gently aids in significantly better coverage than smooth faced closing wheels especially under moist conditions.

This in turn creates ideal conditions for your seed to germinate and reduces the bounce factor synonymous with smooth faced closing wheels.

Over the last four years we have been developing and trialling our own 20-point closing wheel. Having tested it under trying conditions, to ensure effectiveness and durability, we are pleased to release it on to the Australian and global market.


  • Increased seed slot coverage
  • Improved closure in moist conditions
  • Improved germination
  • Increased downward pressure
  • Reduce component fatigue - less bounce
  • Structurally tough for our Aussie conditions
  • Made from hardened bisalloy steel
  • Utilises existing fixing components
  • Bolts straight on to any JD 90 series opener


20 pt cl wheel 1
20 pt cl wheel 1

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