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Exapta Solutions, developed by leading agronomist Matt Hagny, provides seeding education and innovation to farmers to help maximize the potential of their seeding equipment. Relying on innovations driven by numerous farmers and researchers, we deliver solutions for high-performance seeding and production.



mudsmith wheel smWe have now expanded our interests in improving disc seeder performance and are proud to introduce the MudSmith Guage wheel manufactured by MudSmith, LLC. We are the sole Australian importer of this product, contact us for more details, or go to the MudSmith website below. (3 spoke, 3" and 4.5" wheels currently available in Australia)




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Emmetts are market leaders in the supply and service of John Deere farm machinery & equipment, including tractors, harvesters and sprayers.







"We only service and produce goods for John Deere Disc Seeders"