aricks wheel1Aricks Australia, (formerly BPR Engineering), have been building residue managers since 2008. We already have in excess of 7000 residue managers in use in Australia and have recently upgraded the composition to a cast version with new heavy duty components and a streamlined body to combat space limitations and reduce the protrusion factor.

Recently we have been expanding our market base with sales of residue managers to Switzerland, the UK, France, South Africa, USA, Canada, Kenya and New Zealand over the past two years with solid future leads on the horizon.

We specialise in maintenance to John Deere disc seeders including, re-bushing opener pivots, press & closing wheel pivots, unseizing gauge wheel shafts, installation of non-greasable bushes, aricks wheels, discs and mudsmith gauge wheels and supply and replacement of our extended wear seed boots. The whole machine can be rebuilt without the need to remove the heavy, cumbersome disc opener, thanks to some specialised equipment, which saves time and money. Last year alone we serviced over 40 disc machines across three states, QLD, NSW and Victoria.


seed bootAt Aricks Australia we have recently developed our own cast composite seed boot, which are manufactured using the strongest materials available and are genuine extended wear. The purpose manufactured shouldered bolts together with our seed boots reduces the vertical play often synonymous with these disc seeders, which will ensure correct seed placement.

We are the sole agent in Australia for the Mudsmith gauge wheels which are a massive upgrade on the original John Deere gauge wheel, allowing sowing in sticky, muddy conditions without plugging of the wheel. The cast centre hub of the Mudsmith Wheel fully supports the bearing and solves bearing housing wear. We also supply a wide range of European made disc’s, coulters, and scalloped disc’s, manufactured from high quality Spanish Boron steel.

"We only service and produce goods for John Deere Disc Seeders"