Whistler Wheat

These two pictures below are of the same paddock just east of Corowa NSW which was sown with Whistler wheat.

These two photos of side by side plots sown without Aricks Wheel Residue Managers and with Aricks Wheel residue Managers respectively.

Sown at 75kgs/hectare using a John Deere 1895 Disc Seeder with 10" Spacings.

We took  four plant counts in each paddock and came up with an average of 172 plants/sqm in the first plot without Aricks Wheels, and an average of 320 plants/sqm in the second plot with Aricks wheels.

The paddocks were sown on the same day, at the same rate and with the same machine. Even we were surprised with the large difference in plants in these adjacent plots.

Without Aricks Wheel

With Aricks Wheel


6 Weeks later

The next two photos of the same plots (below), were taken about 6 weeks later. Being Whistler wheat this paddock has been grazed during this 6 weeks although the difference between using Aricks wheels and not using them is again clearly visible.

Without Aricks Wheel

With Aricks Wheel



Below are two photos of a canola trial using only 1 Aricks Wheel on a John Deere 1590 Box drill at 7 1/2" spacings.

The Canola was sown at 5kgs/hectare and the resulting plant count in that 1 row was 28 plants/m.

Of course that is far too many plants, but by using these Residue managers this crop could have been sown at 2kgs/hectare still with fantastic results.

Many clients tell us that they don't have enough residue to warrant using the Aricks wheels, we show them the minimal stubble cover on the below photos and the results that can be achieved with Aricks Wheels.

Without Aricks Wheel

With Aricks Wheel

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