Adding the wheels has improved crop and pasture establishment particularly when sowing into cereal stubbles. Before fitting the wheels hair pinning was a real problem. Colin & the team at BPR have provided excellent after sales service and support.
Ross Severin
Brocklesby NSW
Fitting Aricks wheels has enabled me to sow longer at night and earlier in the morning in damp conditions, that’s something I couldn’t have done without them.
Mick Boyd
Brocklesby NSW
Emmetts, John Deere dealers in the Wimmera & Mallee have sold hundreds of Aricks wheels on John Deere disc seeding machinery. The Aricks wheels allow the very accurate seed placement to be maintained in areas of high residue. Many harvesters leave clumps of straw on the ground & the Aricks clears a path ahead of the disc which inturn maintains accurate seed placement. The other great benefit is chemical incorporation, in comparative tests the John Deere single disc opener with Aricks wheels gave superior germination & weed control. You can save on spray application & improve yields with the Aricks fitted to your John Deere 90 series disc opener.
Bruce Cobb
Sales Manager Emmetts, Horsham Vic
I cannot speak highly enough of the work Col, Andrew and the BPR team have done. I believe I now have a JD disc seeder that is more robust, precise and an overall better machine than when it was first new. Thanks again.
Scott Oehm
'Mayfield', Gilgandra NSW
Aricks wheels really do eliminate hair pinning and improve the seed to soil contact greatly.
Peter Hanrahan
Corowa NSW
We've had them 4 years, and had only one bearing go out - on the outside end of the drill. Other than that, they've been trouble-free. No plugging in irrigated stubble. Sometimes a little wrapping in hemp stubble, so we watch them close, but have never stopped a wheel…. They move about 70 - 95% of the residue that we'd like them to move. A lot better than nothing.
Will Van Roessel
Bow Island, AB, Canada; (Aricks row cleaners on both ranks of a 30-ft JD 1850 on 7.5" spacing)
I’ve been using just one of these 20-point closing wheels for 2 years now and I can see the difference it has made to the crop emergence in this row, especially when I had heavy wet stubble. I have now ordered 2 full sets and regret not doing it sooner
Eddie Hallam
Beulah Vic (Eddie runs 2 x 60ft JD1890’s)
I bought my 40-ft JD 1890 in 2010, and in 2016 I bought Aricks residue managers. The results I had sowing into dry heavy stubble were amazing — I could see the difference the residue managers made immediately — it was a great result. They should come standard on all JD disc machines — it’s a no brainer. I wish I had put them on 7 years ago.
Mark Dugan
(Maroondah farm) Trangie, NSW, Australia, (10” row spacing)
I’ve had them on my 1895 for 7 or 8 years, covering 40,000 – 50,000 acres. They work. I couldn’t imagine not having them. They extend the number of days we can work — we can get on soft fields sooner [when cutting would be a problem]. The sort of days we can pick up are after a light shower that dampens the straw but not the soil. We can also start earlier each morning and go later in the evening…. I’m impressed the condition they are in after so many acre…. No problems in soybean, canola, field pea, faba bean, or flax stubble. No problems in cereals harvested with a stripper head. But in corn stalks, we had to lock them up.
Robert Stevenson
Kenton, Manitoba, Canada (Aricks row cleaners on both seed ranks of 43-ft JD 1895)

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