Aricks Wheel: Row Cleaner / Residue Manager

BPR Engineering is now manufacturing Residue Managers to suit John Deere disc seeders and box drills.

  • The "Aricks Wheel" is an enormous time saver and basically no-till!
  • Eliminating steps such as burning off, working-up
  • Minimal soil disturbance resulting in no new weed growth, less chemical application
  • More consistent and even seed placement
  • Greatly reduces the risk of 'hair pinning'
  • Easy to install to John Deere 60/90 series
  • Currently fit the John Deere 1590/1890 &1895 Series openers, can be adapted to suit other makes of disc openers
  • Very beneficial in the correct placement of small seed i.e. Canola, Clover, Lucerne and Fertilizers
  • Dramatic increase in the percentage of germination, therefore increasing soil carbon levels
  • Assist greatly with moving damp straw from rain or heavy dews, allowing less downtime from wet conditions

Made to last from these quality materials

  • 10mm Bisalloy Steel Plate toothed wheel
  • Cast steel body and arm *NEW*
  • 32mm high tensile chrome pivot pin
  • Heavy duty hub with fully sealed maintenance free bearing *NEW 2014
  • 5mm stainless steel lifting cable
  • Non greaseable bush

Minimal soil disturbance and fantastic stubble clearing makes a perfect environment for sowing. As you can see pictured left and below, the Aricks wheel is a definite improvement in stubble removal when compared to the adjacent rows with no row cleaner fitted.


Video from one of our clients

This is a great demonstration video of how well the Aricks Wheel works - shared by one of our clients and now viewed more that 2,800 times

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